just victoria

Editorial, mostly candid photo shoot with up-and-coming actress Victoria Marie, with over-the-top wardrobe and a resolutely hipster feel. Post-processing has some old school, heavy grain textures.

Victoria came over today so we could shoot some stills. I'd never actually hung out with her much despite working with her on a couple of film shoots, so it was a little bit of a surprise to discover how fun this girl is. Real genuine, this up-and-coming actress, a self-described old woman in a young girl's body, is just so great to be around. We shot a couple of sets together, and she really displayed a great range in styles, looks and emotions. Given the feel of the pics, I decided to go with some more old school, heavy-grain textures for some of them, while keeping the rest more clean. I'm hoping this is the first of many collabos, as this really was a painless, super worry-free couple of hours in great company!
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